Sewing For Beginners

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Erin Brown
Camp Fashionista welcomes sewing teacher Erin! 
Erin Brown began her passion for creating at an early age by

watching her Grandmothers practiced hands work magic with a

needle and thread. After finding a second passion in teaching as

a teen by leading her fellow Girl Scout troop members in

charitable sewing projects which donated quilts to convalescent

homes, she is combining the two and joining the team at Camp Fashionista. As a graduate of the Spatial Arts program at SJSU she relishes the opportunity  to use her emphasis in fiber arts to share her passion and over twenty years of sewing experience with students who share her enthusiasm for art and fashion design!

take your first steps into the exciting world of fashion design.. 

​​Dori Duncan 

is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, teacher, and mother, who has traveled the world designing for over 30 years. Originally from Los Angeles, Dori now calls the Bay Area home and has worn many hats in the fashion industry, from corporate environments to running her own label. Dori has studied fashion design and pattern-making at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) and ESMOD (Paris, France), laying the foundation for a successful career. Her recent launch of "Camp Fashionista," a design school located in San Jose, CA, for both children and young adults, allows her to share her passion and inspire the next generation of designers.

Camp Fashionista

is a unique design school for children and young adults founded by Dori Duncan in 2010. Sewing classes and workshops at Camp Fashionista provide  sewing  for beginners, and fashion illustration, allowing budding designers to take their first steps in the exciting world of fashion design.