Illustrate Your Fashion Dreams At Camp Fashionista


Being able to express your ideas is a key part of being a fashion designer!

Camp Fashionista's fashion illustration curriculum is based on what Dori learned at FIDM and is focused on the industry-standard 9 head fashion figure.

Students will learn the correct proportions of the body, along with how to draw a great face , hands that look like hands instead of mittens and feet in all kinds of cool shoes.

In addition, shading, color theory, and realistic looking fabrics are also part of the mix.

We offer lots of great drawing options like Draw a Collection, Watercolor Fashion Illustration, Collage, and Drawing with Markers. Speciality classes are also offered that focus on Drawing Realistic Fabrics, Fun Accessories, and Drawing Great Hair.

Our Anime Fashion Drawing classes have been a big hit! You will learn the proportions of the Anime figure, how to draw those big shiny eyes, fabulous hairstyles, and of course dress them in the outfit you design.