Come Study Sewing At Camp Fashionista

If you are wondering how to develop skills as a fashion designer, Camp Fashionista is the place to start. My curriculum is based on what I learned at FIDM and my 30 years in the fashion industry. The skills that you'll need are sewing, understanding how to use patterns, and fashion illustration.

Bring me your ideas and we will have your designs on the catwalk in no time!

Camp Fashionista's sewing curriculum builds a solid foundation with prerequisites in wovens and knits, then students build on their skills and move on to higher level sewing.

Current Sewing Curriculum Details

If you are 6 & up you will start with hand sewing. You will learn basic stitches like the straight stitch, blanket stitch, and whip stitch as you create darling little projects to take home and treasure. Embroidery is also part of the hand sewing curriculum and is fun to do at any age.

Students should be at least 8 years old to begin studying fashion design at Camp Fashionista.

Each student must take the two Level 1 machine sewing classes. These are Level 1W (wovens) and Level 1K (knits - a.k.a. stretchy fabrics).

We recommend that students start with Level 1W (wovens) since they are easier to work with and allow a student to focus on sewing safely, mastering straight stitches and building their confidence.

Please make sure to complete both classes  before signing up for more advanced sewing. This will ensure that your child will have the skills needed to be successful  with any type of fabric and enjoy sewing.

Ongoing Curriculum Development

We are always adding new fun project classes to up your skills while you create fun clothes and bags to wear!