New session coming May 19

Sew your furry kitty or doggy friend a cozy bed to keep them comfy and take home your choice of a bone, mouse, or heart toy to make, so they feel loved!  

Brownies will complete 2 steps of the Pets Badge.

Visit your local pet store or Humane Society to complete the remaining steps for your Pets Badge.

Not a Brownie? You can still come make this adorable project and donate it as a community service project, or use for your pet.

Everyone gets a Camp Fashionista Fun Patch!

Pet Bed.png

Brownies 2nd-3rd grades
$40 per participant

***Please bring an old long sleeve sweater or sweatshirt without buttons.

All other materials provided.
Only open to Girl Scouts of NorCal

Brownies complete 2 steps of the Pets Badge, and all participants will receive a

Camp Fashionista fun Patch!