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Come STREEEEEEEEEEETCH your sewing know-how at Camp Fashionista. From t-shirts to slinky maxi skirts to your favorite sweats, stretchy knit fabrics are everywhere. Sewing with knits is a whole separate skill set and Camp Fashionista can help you level up. We’ll teach you how to set up your machine, the special tools knits require, and specialized cutting and sewing techniques that make knit projects so fabulous. 

We strongly encourage completing Machine Sewing 1W, before tackling knits. If you sewed in the past and are brushing up, knits would be a good introductory class because it extends machine knowledge.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Machine safety
  2. Machine features and intermediate operation
    1. Changing the presser foot
    2. Changing the needle
    3. Adjusting thread tension
  3. Advanced machine features
    1. Knit stitches
    2. Special feet
    3. Tension settings
    4. Ball point needles
  4. Setting up the machine to sew knits
  5. Sewing with stretch stitches
  6. Pinning and cutting stretchy fabrics
  7. Assembling knit pattern pieces
    1. Seams & seam finishes
  8. Finishing and hemming knits

What You’ll Sew

A baby blanket, a beanie and a tank top.

Who Will Enjoy This Class:

Anyone age 8 & up who wants to sew successfully with knit fabrics and use the more advanced features of the machine.

Earlier Event: June 10
Later Event: June 12