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Sew with a needle and thread! Learn to tie knots and make different kinds of stitches. You’ll even sew on a button when you make your very own wallet.  

Parents! Your child can gain a sense of mastery and develop a new outlet for creativity and inventiveness. Our expert instructors make hands-on learning fun and safe. All participants make unique projects that teach foundation sewing skills to build on in the future. 

What You’ll Learn

  1. Threading a needle
  2. Tying a knot to start sewing
  3. Backstitching at the end of a line of stitches
  4. Straight running stitch
  5. Straight backstitch - even and half
  6. Whipstitch
  7. Blanket stitch
  8. Connecting fabrics with stitches
  9. Basic hemming
  10. Sewing on a button

What You’ll Sew


Who Will Enjoy This Class

Anyone 6 years old and up who wants to learn the basics of hand sewing and likes the projects

* Minimum age requirement addresses basic dexterity and social skills necessary for success in the class. 

Later Event: October 1