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Session #2

In these classes, we will learn how to draw key parts of the fashion body by breaking the figure down into basic shapes. We will also learn about proportions and how they help make our drawings look more realistic. Students will learn the difference between sketching and drawing details, and how both are important to create a finished drawing.

We will work only in pencil to focus on learning shapes, and understanding light and shadow, before introducing color. I have found students rushing to finish drawing so they can color it. A separate Color Theory class is coming next month.

We will also practice sharing our work in a group, giving and accepting feedback, which is an important part of being an artist. We will use these constructive comments to get new ideas and find ways to improve our art.

Final product - Students will learn to draw a face, 3 hand positions, 3 feet positions, and a 9-head figure, and be able to use the skills they learned to draw these things on their own.

All materials provided

Later Event: November 8