After working with the girls all summer and listening to one of their ideas

I've come up with a new concept for this Fall camp.

They thought it would be fun to have different stations they could go to

and choose when they want to.

They will be able to  work on the machine, hand sewing, drawing or

draping on the mini dress forms throughout the whole week.

The main project on the sewing machine is this brand new adorable

Hoodie Dress!

They will complete this dress and as many other

hand sewing, drawing or draping projects as time permits.

Hoodie Dress.jpg
Hood on Dress.jpg

All kids work at a different pace, so this should be a great experience for all of them.

Some will work slowly and methodically, taking time to daydream with fashion magazines or chill on the big purple couch, while others will work non-stop and come away with more finished projects.

Either way, this should be a really fun creative week at camp!