Cubomania - Badge Workshop

Upcoming sessions

Saturday november 10 2018

Seniors 9th-10th grades

$55 per girl - includes all materials. No chaperone required.

Only open to Girl Scouts of NorCal

Seniors will complete all 5 steps to earn their Collage Artist Badge

and receive a Camp Fashionista fun Patch!

What in the world is Cubomania?

It’s taking an image, cutting it into little cubes (think of those little cubes as bits of color only) and re-assembling them into something new.

Explore the world of collage by looking at different artist’s styles and then create your own self portrait that says something about you! Use your personal style and creativity to develop a piece of 3-D art using magazines, fabrics, and embellishments that are used in a unique way, creating a one of a kind piece of art.